• oral communication: federal, state, and tribal agencies ; public and scientific audiences
  • written communication: development of field research protocols;  acquire and write reports for permits and compliance permissions (e.g. CITES, ESA, tribal permits, etc.) ; write safety plans and job hazard analysis reports; find/write grant proposals for research ; webpage design and maintainence ; design/maintain outreach documents


    • Hardware: computer(PC and Mac)/printer/photocopier/fax
    • Software: Microsoft (Office: Word/Excel/Access/Powerpoint; Other: MovieMaker/Frontpage), Adobe (Acrobat/Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator/Dreamweaver), ESRI (ArcGIS), National Geographic TOPO, Corpscon, Extensis (Portfolio)
    • Tasks: writing (grants/reports/manuscripts), research, literature summaries, budgets, relational database creation/maintenance, maintain libraries (literature, products), create field data protocols/field forms, create maps (GIS), analyze data (database/GIS)
    • typing speed 80 words/min


    • Data: record high quality data
    • Methods: noninvasive bear/lynx/wolverine hair snare/trap and bear rubs, trail surveys, bear culvert and snare traps, remote cameras (still/video), biological sample collection (hair, scat, blood, saliva), bear behavior/ecology, observation (inc. spotting scope), VHF radio telemetry, small and large mammal handling/measurements, plant identification/plots
    • Logistics: planning itineraries, coordinating many field crews, training field crews
    • Preparation: determination of necessary field gear items, coordination of purchase agreements, maintain a tracking system for all supplies to ensure distribution meets needs of crew members and field coordinators (~200 field personnel)
    • Navigation: map reading, compass, GPS
    • Ability: hike 10-20 miles per day with a 40-60lb pack for 9 consecutive days, backcountry hiking/camping in mountainous terrain/bear country, river/snow crossing, snowshoe, xcountry ski
    • Vehicles: 4x4 pickup truck, manual transmission, towing (up to 30ft RVtrailer), general maintenance (tire change/dead battery boost)


    • Hardware: Microscope (dissection/compound), PCR, ABI automated DNA sequencer, ball grinder
    • Software: familiar with ABI automated DNA sequencer software
    • Methods: Knowledge and experience with protocols for molecular biotechnology (DNA isolation, PCR, create/use acrylamide gels, agarose gels, DNA hybridization, and DNA cloning). Dissection (vertebrate & invertebrate)
    • Ability: 100s hours lab experience 


    • Graphic Design: webpages and outreach materials for bear research projects; designed logo for Northern Divide Project ; designed part of and created logo for Whitebark Pine Foundation 2007 Meeting and created new logo (as of 2009) for Whitebark Pine Foundation ; designed logo for wildlife crossing project in Banff.
    • Open Water Diver
    • Horseback riding: trained at the age of 12 on a western saddle, I ride a few times every couple of years, retrained in 2006
    • Travel skills: Travel domestically in Canada and abroad in many countries (extensively in United States, Africa (eastern South Africa and Tanzania), and Europe (England, Scotland, Italy, Greece))
    • Amateur Photography, DSLR