2014-2017 (expected). MSc Wildlife Ecology and Management. University of Alberta.
Thesis: Niche Separation of Sympatric Grizzly (Ursus arctos) and Black Bears (U. americanus) in Glacier National Park, Montana
Advisor: Scott Nielsen, Applied Conservation Lab

2006 (Fall). University of Montana, USA.
BIOL 595-02 Field Ecology of East Africa (3 credits)
    • Professor: Ken Dial, Kerry Foresman; Class Size: 7 graduate students
    • Students completing this course will be capable of leading their own safaris. Class work includes: literature review, learn over 100 species of birds, 50 species of mammals, associated geology, plant communities, native human culture, and discuss evolutionary biology during monthly class meetings during Fall 2006 and trip to Tanzania in January 2007. Trip included: visit the British Museum of Natural History in London to view archeoptryx specimen, tented safari to Tanzania (Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha Park (Mt. Kilimanjaro), Lake Victoria, and Tarangire National Park).

2003. Honors B.Sc. Biology Cooperative Program. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Co-operative program involved working five 4 month terms between my academic terms, in a job related to my field of study and writing a work report during each work term (approx. 4000 word research report). 
The University of Waterloo was ranked as the #1 comprehensive university in Canada during the years I attended, and continues to be ranked high or #1.

Other Coursework

Open Water DiverPADI Certified 2005-present
CPR AERIE Backcountry Medicine 2 Year Certification 2008 (4 hour)
(American Heart Association 2 Year Certification 2004, 2006 4 hour)

Wilderness First ResponderAERIE Backcountry Medicine Certified (72hr course, biannual16hr refresher) 2004-present
ArcGIS2005 (online course) Learning ArcGIS 8, Part I, ESRI

Conservation Genetics for Natural Resource Managers9/22/2007 (8 hour workshop). Lisette Waits (University of Idaho). The Wildlife Society 14th Annual Conference, Tucson, AZ. Topics included: overview of terminology and molecular methods, genetic diversity and fitness, gene flow evaluation, and landscape genetics.
Design Refresher: Fundamentals of Sampling & Monitoring Design9/23/2006 (8 hour workshop). Joel Reynolds (US FWS Alaska). The Wildlife Society 13th Annual Conference, Anchorage, AK. Topics included: basic statistics refresher, components of a sampling strategy, sources of bias, and monitoring design.
Glacier National Park Level III Bear Management Training Refresher (partial)6/9/2006 (attended 8 hours of course). John Waller (NPS). Glacier National Park, MT. (attend to learn skills but not certifed) Topics included: drugging, safety, ethics, record keeping, range qualifications (shotgun, .44 magnum handgun, darting rifles and pistols)
Glacier National Park Avalanche Response Training2006 (2 hours). Gary Moses (NPS) Glacier National Park, MT.